Films – Indigenous Peoples Rights

American Outrage
Directors: George Gage and Beth Gage, Source: Bullfrog Films
Award-winning documentary of two Western Shoshone sisters’ fight to retain their traditional grazing land and livestock against government claims.
Time: 56 minutes or 33 minutes
Grade Level: middle school – adult

Cultural Survival

Source: Cultural Survival
A rich variety of video clips on native peoples world wide and their struggle to survive.
Time: various
Grade Level: various

The Devil’s Miner

Director/Producer: Kief Davidson, Richard Ladkani, Source: Cinema Delicatessen, 2005
Tells the story of 14-year-old Basilio who worships the devil for protection while working in a Bolivian silver mine to support his family. Study guide available.
Time: 82 minutes
Grade Level: high school

In the Light of Reverence
Directors: Christopher McLeod & Malinda Maynor
Three separate stories of land-use conflicts over Native American sacred sites on public and private land around the West. See accompanying lesson plans, discussion guide, and teacher’s guide.
Time: 73 minutes
Grade Level: middle school- adult 

Proud to Be

Source: National Congress of American Indians
From the “Change the Mascot” campaign to stop the use of “Redskins” as a mascot, comes this short video showing many of the things people of Indian Nations call themselves (“redskins” not being one of them).
Time: 2 minutes
Grade Level: middle – high school

Rabbit Proof Fence
Directors: Phillip Noyce, Source: Hanway Films
The true story of three Aboriginal girls who ran away from boarding school at the Moore River Settlement in 1931. Living off the land and on handouts, they eluded trackers and the police for months. Lesson plans available from the Curriculum Project and Teach with Movies.
Time: 93 minutes
Grade Level: high school – adult

Waiting for the Revolution: Bolivia’s Indigenous Workers
Directors: Rodrigo Vazquez, Don Edkins, Mette Heide, Source: Independent Television Service
Indigenous people of the Andes have endured racism and discrimination for more than 500 years, but two newly elected indigenous leaders illustrate the changes coming to South America. Lesson plan and discussion guide available using the film to explore right to work and its application to unemployed native women in Bolivia.
Time: 60 minutes
Grade Level: high school