Other Resources – Genocide

Crimes of War 2.0
This comprehensive introduction to war crimes and related topics, organized in the form of a guidebook organized alphabetically, presents essays on topics that provide both historic and contemporary perspectives on the vast subject of war crimes.  Many of the authors are practicing journalists, while the others are academicians with considerable years of study about their assigned topics.  Among the topics related to genocide are these essays:  concentration camps, crimes against humanity, crimes against peace, courts and tribunals, death squads, deportation, ethnic cleansing, genocide, humanitarian intervention, incitement to genocide, torture, war crimes (categories of) and others.  The book concludes with recommended works for further study and a listing of selected online legal resources.

  • Author: Roy Gutman
  • Editors: Rieff, David and Dworkin, Anthony
  • Publisher: W. W. Norton and Co., 2007

Encyclopedia of Genocide, Volumes I and II
Although dated, this remains the single most comprehensive collection of essays and related documents on the topic of genocide.  Included in the encyclopedia are entries that summarize key aspects of knowledge about a specific topic or issue, essays that explore conceptual issues and provide context about the study and prevention of genocide, and selected critical documents which illustrate key events, trends and concepts in the field.  The listing of contributors is a “who’s who” in the field of genocide and Holocaust studies, and Volume II includes a detailed index to both volumes.

  • Editor: W. Israel
  • Publisher: ABC-CLIO Inc., 1999.

“Genocide Education”
This essay provides a comprehensive overview of the study of genocide in both K-12 and college/university education, discussing the development of the field of genocide studies, and providing recommendations for the continued improvement of this field of inquiry. The essay also includes a detailed annotated bibliography of high-quality resources on the topic.

  • Source: Samuel Totten and Jon E. Pedersen, eds., Educating About Social Issues in the 20th and 21st Centuries:  A Critical Annotated Bibliography, Volume 1.
  • Publisher: Information Age Publishing, 2012
  • Author: Totten, Samuel.

“Teaching About the Holocaust in U. S. Schools.”
The author presents a thorough discussion of the development and current status of Holocaust education in U. S. schools, also noting how study of the Holocaust has inspired curriculum designs that encompass other genocides, including those of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, Ukrainians in the Soviet Union, and Cambodians by the Khmer Rouge regime. The author discusses the research base for Holocaust education as well as how selected U. S. states have mandated or recommended Holocaust study in the pre-collegiate curriculum.

  • Source: Samuel Totten and Jon E. Pedersen, eds., Teaching and Studying Social Issues:  Major Programs and Approaches. pp. 139-152.
  • Author: Thomas E. Fallace
  • Publisher: Information Age Publishing, 2011