Other Resources – Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

Circle of Rights. Economic, Social & Cultural Rights Activism
Source:International Human Rights Internship Program, Forum-Asia
An exhaustive resource for understanding and teaching economic, social, and cultural rights.
Grade Level: high school – adult
Subject Area: social studies, economics, and development studies

Human Development Report
Source: UN Development Programme (UNDP)
Human Development Reports (HDRs) have been released most years since 1990 and have explored different themes through the human development approach. They have had an extensive influence on development debate worldwide and have inspired national and regional analyses which, by their nature, usually address issues that are more country – or regionally – specific. A library of reports is available here.

  UN Fact sheet 33: FAQs on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Source: Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
Answers to frequently asked questions about economic, social, and cultural rights.

What are Economic, Social and Cultural rights?
Source: Center for Economic and Social Rights
Basic primer on economic and social rights.