Maddy Wegner

Maddy Wegner is an educator and communications specialist who enjoys building teams,
developing new approaches to and resources on education issues, and engaging others —
especially young people — in these processes. She has served as the National Youth Leadership
Council’s (NYLC’s) Director of Content and Engagement, developing resources for service-
learning practitioners that bring research to practice and integrating human and child rights
frameworks, for the past five years. She also has served as NYLC’s Director of
Communications, overseeing strategic communications including policy, marketing, research,
and curriculum development. While the roots of her teaching trace back to teaching middle and
high school English Language Arts, her interests in peace-building and conflict resolution have
led her to more informal education settings. Through work with a number of nonprofits she has
helped inspire young people to action through the lives and work of Nobel Peace Prize laureates
by co-developing a series of iBooks entitled Being the Change as well as another series rooted in
the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. A member of the Executive Committee for
Minneapolis’ Child Friendly Cities designation, she is a recipient of the Stellar Service-learning
Award and an “Outstanding Contributions to Service-Learning” award from the Minnesota
Department of Education. She received her B.A. from Mount Holyoke College, her teacher
training through the University of California, Berkeley’s Bay Area Writing Project and an M.S.J.
from Northwestern University.