Kristi Rudelius-Palmer



Kristi Rudelius-Palmer is a Human Rights Education Consultant and currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Leadership for Intercultural and International Education at the University of Minnesota. She serves on the Steering Committee for the Human Rights Educators USA and the University and College Consortium for Human Rights Education. She is collaborating with human rights advocates, educators, and young people to create innovative programs and models of human rights teaching, dialogue, civic engagement, service learning, and reflection in classrooms and communities throughout Minnesota, the United States, and globally.

Kristi coordinated and edited the Human Rights Education Series, published by the University of Minnesota Human Rights Resource Center. She served as Co-Director of the University of Minnesota Human Rights Center from 1989-2016 and as an Adjunct Professor of Law and director of the Humphrey Fellowship Program at the University of Minnesota Law School from 2003-2016.  In addition to teaching courses on human rights education, rule of law, and leadership at universities, primary and secondary schools, and community-education settings, Kristi presents at numerous international, national, regional, and local conferences. She received the first Edward O’Brien Award for Human Rights Education from Human Rights Educators USA in 2015 and was awarded the University of Minnesota Outstanding Community Service Award in 2003.