Three educational posters designed exclusively for HRE USA featuring the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Each poster is 18 x 24. Smaller versions can also easily be printed on regular letter-sized paper.  Download the PDF and print your own or email us to place an order. Posters are $20 plus shipping.

>> UDHR Poster Honeycomb
This poster provides a comprehensive overview of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with an explanation of the how the rights are broken down.

UDHR Poster Honeycomb

>> UDHR Poster Boxes
This poster provides a clearly stated graphical version of each of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

UDHR Poster Gray Boxes

>> UDHR Poster Human Rights Symbol
This poster is an artistic rendition featuring the entire text of the UDHR surrounding the Universal symbol of Human Rights.

UDHR Poster Dove