Other Resources – Bullying

Bullying and Human Rights Newsletter
Source:  The Advocates for Human Rights
Provides lesson plans, prevention ideas, resources, bibliography, and other tools to address bullying.
Type: Newsletter
Grade Level: elementary – high school
Subject Area: social studies, all-school activity

Bullying Tips for Students
Source:  National Education Association
Suggestions for what kids can do when bullying occurs. Written for students being bullied, students who witness bullying, and the bullies themselves.  
Type: Checklist
Grade Level: middle – high school
Subject Area: all-school activity

Bullies to Buddies Games

Source: Board Game Geek  
Type: Game
Grade Level: Elementary

Bully Safe Game
Source: Board Game Geek
An educational card game based on a systems approach to reducing bullying behavior. Players learn that everyone can play an important role in reducing bullying. Students learn concrete, non-violent skills to use in bullying situations. In addition to the game’s systems approach, it differs from most other approaches to bullying in two important respects. First, it pays attention to the potentially positive role of the bystanders. Second, it gives bullies positive skills to use to achieve their goals without resorting to bullying behavior.  Source: Human Rights and Peace Bookstore.  

Bully Wise

Source: Amazon 
Grade level: Elementary

Goodbye Bully Machine
Source: Amazon
Based on the lively book “Good-Bye Bully Machine,” this anti-bullying game allows players to take turns breaking down the Bully Machine, piece by piece. As players draw cards, they discuss what they’d do in bullying situations, are asked to talk about conflict resolution skills, complement other players, and practice empathy. Each time a player gives a response he or she gets to take away one piece of the Bully Machine from game board. Watch out though; someone might draw a Mean Moment card, which will suggest that a player has done something mean to help build up the Bully Machine. Then the player has to replace one Machine Card. When the machine is totally dismantled, everyone wins.

Not in Our School
Source: Not in Our Town
Uses video, lesson plans, and storytelling to inspire young people to speak out against bullying and harassment. 
Type: Video action kit
Grade Level: middle – high school
Subject Area: school climate