Steering Committee Member

The HRE USA Steering Committee is the governing body of HRE USA, overseeing strategy, direction and policy. Elected Steering Committee members serve a three-year term. 

Eligibility for HRE USA Steering Committee:

Any US-based member of Human Rights Educators USA (HRE USA) is eligible to serve on the Steering Committee. International members should be engaged in human rights education activities in some capacity in the USA.

HRE USA assumes that all members subscribe to its values statement:

HRE USA is committed to the basic human rights principles of human dignity, equality, and non-discrimination as articulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In all our undertakings we value diversity, inclusiveness, transparency, integrity, accountability, responsibility, and respectful, honest communication and sharing.

Responsibilities of HRE USA Steering Committee members:

  1. To attend monthly conference calls (approximately one hour).
  2. To promote human rights education in the USA and seek to build HRE USA’s membership and resources.
  3. To serve on at least one Steering Committee committee or assume another major responsibility in the network (e.g., HRE USA officer, Regional Representatives).

HRE USA Decision-making Policy

HRE USA uses a consensus-based framework for decision-making. The Steering Committee and other working groups can choose other decision-making approaches when time constraints do not permit full discussion of issues. Decisions should be guided by the mission and values of the network.

For further inquiries, please contact Kristi Rudelius-Palmer