Angelica Brooks

Angelica is a private investigator with significant experience within the area of criminal justice. Her experience has allowed her to primarily focus on her passion, which is finding leads and/or solving missing persons cases, cold cases, advocating for Human Rights, and raising human trafficking awareness. She is the Founder and Executive Director, of The Silent Voices Project that gives a voice to the voiceless through advocating for their rights, educating others on their human rights, and speaking out on injustices. Their New Beginnings project focuses on the fight against Human Trafficking including assisting victims with recovery, healing, and empowerment. Angelica is also an active member of the Northern Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force that advocates for policy changes to human trafficking. She currently is working on her first novel, Deeper than the Crime, which focuses on criminology and victimology within the African American Culture. Angelica also participates and is an active member of Rapid Response Teams that conduct immediate searches of missing children in the area.