UDHR Lessons

Stand up for Human Rights – Add Your Voice
Source: United Nations
#Stand up for Human Rights, a project of the UN, invites people from around the world to record an article of the UDHR in their own language. Also see this promotional video encouraging participation.
Age Level: Children – Adults

The World as It Could Be
Source: The World as It Could Be
A full curriculum that uses the arts to deepen students knowledge and understanding of the UDHR and be engaged members of their local and global communities to manifest the document’s words.

Write for Rights Educators Guide
Source: Amnesty International USA
This guide will introduce students to the UDHR and encourage students to take action on human rights through Amnesty International’s new Write for Rights campaign.
Grade Level: middle – high school

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Source: Generation Human Rights, 2018
A lesson in which students identify human rights unsupported in their community or the world and create their own Rights of the Teenager.
Age Level: middle – high school

Human Rights Toolkit
Source: The Advocates for Human Rights
Excellent introductory lessons to human rights and their US and personal impact.
Age Level: middle – high school

Fundamental Freedoms: Eleanor Roosevelt and the UDHR
Source: Facing History and Ourselves
A full curriculum including primary documents, questions to stimulate discussion, photographs, maps, political cartoons.
Age Level: high school

Human Rights Here and Now: Celebrating the UDHR
Source: Amnesty International, University of Minnesota, The Stanley Foundation
A full curriculum that introduces the UDHR and provides activities for taking action.
Age Level: middle – high school

Universal Declaration of Human Rights Poster Set and Educator’s Guide
Source: Amnesty International USA
Twelve lessons that introduce the UDHR and explore key human rights issues.
Grade Level: middle – high school