Course: Teaching for Intercultural Citizenship and Human Rights

When: June 1 – July 10
Where: Online through University of Connecticut
Language of instruction: English
Credits: 3

Students will review theories and models of intercultural competence/citizenship and human rights education. They will then design a research project or curricular unit for a specific purpose in which they apply models of intercultural competence/ citizenship and human rights in practice. Upon completion of this course you (will be able to):

  • Adapt human rights education and intercultural citizenship education for specific contexts and settings.
  • Plan an intercultural citizenship and human rights project to meet the needs of diverse groups (curriculum, workshop, research project, advocacy campaign, independently or in partnership with a school or nonprofit organization).

The course is cross-listed as an undergraduate and graduate course, and counts towards the Human Rights Graduate Certificate at UCONN.

Registration Deadline: May 18

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Sandra Sirota             

For questions, or to enroll in the course, please email the instructors.