Human Rights Film Festival

When: October 10-12, 2019
Where: Shirley A. Massey Executive Conference Center, Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA
Cost: FREE – registration required

Morehouse College is hosting its first Human Rights Film Festival from Thursday, Oct. 10 to Saturday, Oct. 12 in Southwest Atlanta. The film festival will offer a platform to independent filmmakers whose work promotes cultural understanding and exposes the injustices and inequalities that divide nations.

The three-day event will be held at the Shirley A. Massey Executive Conference Center at 830 Westview Drive SW. The lineup will feature film screenings, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and artist workshops conducted by masters in screenwriting, editing, directing, and producing films.

Oscar-winner Spike Lee, a 1979 alumnus of Morehouse College, will receive a lifetime achievement award for his body of work at the inaugural festival. In honor of Lee’s success as a documentary filmmaker and human rights activist, the festival’s most prestigious award, the “Spike Lee Award for Social Impact in Filmmaking” will bear his name and be presented annually to artists who similarly use their craft to champion social justice issues.

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