Happy World Teachers Day!

Today on World Teacher Day HRE USA wants to thank all teachers for being educators and for fighting to defend the rights of teachers and their students.

In honor of supporting teachers to continue to be agents of change, here is a short piece from Education International entitled: “Standing on the Frontlines for Democracy – 25 Lessons Learned on Education and Democracy.”

standing on the frontlines

  1. Educate for democracy
  2. Stimulate critical thinking
  3. Shape global citizens
  4. Do not be the obedient servant of the state
  5. Be aware of the thin lines between patriotism and nationalism
  6. Advocate gender equality, diversity, and inclusion
  7. Protect the right to learn in one’s native language
  8. Burst internet bubbles and value privacy
  9. Embrace new technologies with prudence
  10.  Question standardized testing
  11. Keep schools safe sanctuaries of learning
  12.  Refuse to bear arms or wear police badges
  13. Oppose segregation
  14.  Do not deny undocumented children access to schools
  15. Fight discrimination on grounds of gender, religion, ethnicity,
    disability, social background, and sexual orientation
  16. Build resilience when inequality muffles the voice
  17. Open the school to the community
  18. Protect education for the common good
  19. Keep the market at a safe distance
  20. Don’t let politicians interfere in the classroom
  21. Stand up for your rights
  22. Protect your democratic organizations and institutions
  23. Defend and extend your collective bargaining rights
  24. Insist on the application of international standards
  25. Be proud of your profession

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