Defend DACA

To rally support for the over 800,000 young people who would be negatively impacted by a repeal of DACA, ARTE (Art and Resistance Through Education) has shared the following ways we can all take action:

5-10 minute action: Please call the White House today and tell them that “we need to protect and preserve DACA!” The direct link to the comment line can be found here.

15-30 minute action: Here is a list of a few other actions that you can take, ranging from contacting your member of Congress to using social media.

Actions for Educators:
Contribute to the ARTE social media campaign, #ThankYouForBeingHereMore details are available here. Please share widely!

#DefendDACA New York City teach-in: In collaboration with the Art Education Department at City College, ARTE is sponsoring an resource sharing / teach-in to strategize how to teach art in defense of DACA. Please join us at on Wednesday, September 13th from 5:30-7:30pm at Shepard Hall Room 303 (third floor, please bring a photo ID). Friends and family members of all ages are welcome!

National curriculum call: Please join us on a 60-minute call as we will be discussing the ways that we can create a curriculum around immigration history, the history / defense of DACA/DREAM Act, and the work of immigrant artists and activists. We want to also create a space where educators can share resources on how to protect and keep our undocumented youth communities safe in the aftermath of the decision to end DACA. Sign-up form and details on the call (Monday, September 11 at 8:30pm EST) can be found here.

Can’t join the teach-in or the call? Please feel free to contribute resources to the following collaborative document, which will be an open-sourced curriculum and resource list for educators, activists, artists, and others.

>> Learn More

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