Journeys in Film

Journeys in Film is a nonprofit organization that works in partnership with the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education. In keeping with its mission to improve learning in urban education locally, nationally, and globally, Rossier’s Journeys in Film project combine the power of moving and provocative films with the highest quality standards-based, interdisciplinary lesson plans to inspire and engage students in active learning.

Journeys in Film selects powerful, age-appropriate documentaries and foreign films that transport students beyond borders and boundaries, provide insight, transform preconceptions and prejudices, and foster genuine cultural understanding. Although not explicitly based in human rights, the lesson plans address global issues of great human rights importance.

Particularly recommended to human rights educators are two of their latest curriculum guides to recent films and publications:

  1. National Geographic’s “Gender Revolution”: A discussion guide to accompany National Geographic’s January 2017 special edition that addresses gender issues from a scientific and global perspective. The companion video produced by Katie Couric further extends the understanding of gender.
  2. Hidden Figures: A discussion guide to this recent film about the inspiring persistence of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, three African-American scientists, addresses both gender and racial discrimination.

These curriculum guides, as well as other educational resources, are available at no cost from their website.

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